In 2016…

2016 marks what I hope will be the final year of my studies at CSUSB.

As I reflect on my time at the college–having entered in the Fall 2014 quarter–I am very grateful for the opportunities that have come my way, which have shaped and honed my focus for graduate school. After all, this is why I abruptly moved 300+ miles away from my hometown and family to enter a Public History BA program instead of remaining in Sacramento to possibly attend Sac State as a plain history major, or go up to Chico State, where they have a public history certificate. I was assured that I would be more adequately prepared for this field having a full undergraduate program as opposed to public history courses or a certificate, and I was right.

Of the courses offered, I count exhibit(ion) design with Dr. Arianna Huhn, museum methods course Dr. Michelle Lorimer, archival practices with Dr. Thomas Long, and oral history with Dr. Cherstin Lyon, as especially preparing me for the next level. Double majoring in American Studies–though CSUSB doesn’t have a fully-formed department like other colleges–allowed me to touch other departments at CSUSB. Most recently, a geography course that combined GIS with urban development with Dr. Rajrani Kalra was the final spur in determining what I want to accomplish with my education. Of my in-field experiencing, working with Rosalind Sagara on Save Our Chinatown and with Amina Carter on her archives has sharpened my desire to use public history as a tool for social justice.

Which leads me to what I hope to accomplish my final year. Watch this space–I have high hopes it will stand as a document of the amazing things percolating in my brain!